Skipper Course Cat R and E


This online course will prepare the student for the SAMSA license exam for categories R (Inland Water) and E (Sea – 1 Nautical Mile from the coastline) license.

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The online course covers the SAMSA syllabus for categories R (Inland Water) or E (1 Nautical Mile from the coastline) license.

Following experience conditions will apply:


The applicant must have spent at least 50 hours on any water (inland or sea) experience on a boat.


The applicant must have at least 50 sea hours experience which must be signed off by a licensed sea skipper

If an applicant wishes to apply for the E-License but does not have the minimum sea hours, he/she can apply for the R-License and upgrade to the E-License in the future when he/she has the minimum sea hours, without doing another course or write an exam.

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