Terms and Conditions:.

The Course

  1. The course material covers the SAMSA syllabus for categories R (Inland Waters) and E (1 Nautical Mile to Sea).
  2. Skipper Courses Online will update the material when and if there are any changes to the syllabus.
  3. There is no time limit set to complete this course. You may complete this course at your own schedule, at any time.
  4. Each module ends with a quiz. You have to complete these questions before you can advance to the next module. If you do not pass a quiz, you will be redirected to the relevant lesson and then have the opportunity to revise your answers until you are successful.
  5. Upon successfully completing the course, you will be issued a Skipper Courses Completion Certificate. The Certificate will confirm that you have completed the Skipper Online Course successfully and are ready to write the SAMSA exam.
  6. The Completion Certificate is not a skipper license and students need to write the final SAMSA exam with a registered SAMSA examiner, who will issue the legal and official SAMSA skipper license.
  7. Course material will be available for 6 months after completing the course. We strongly recommend that you do revision of the material in the 7 days preceding the SAMSA exam date.

 Enrolment Fee

To get access to the course material, full payment must be made.

Payment Methods

Online – Payfast Portal

Your credit/ debit card details are not stored or managed  by Skipper Courses Online.  All transactions are through a third party, PayFast, a secured online South African payment portal. Payments are in South African Rand.

By using the PayFast portal you can pay by credit card, debit card or bank transfer (EFT).  You will be given  automatic access to the course when full payment has been confirmed by PayFast – which is normally immediate.

Should you receive an error during this process, please contact us immediately and we will investigate. PayFast holds all payments for 48 hours in which time incorrect payments can be rectified. Please do not pay a second time if you are not sure if a payment has gone through.

Electronic Transfer

If you choose to pay with  electronic transfer (EFT) using your own bank’s portal, your access will only be granted when proof of payment has been received. Please send proof of payment to

Please note that this form of payment can have an delay of up to 24 hours.

Cash Bank Deposit

We prefer not to work with cash deposits. Should you have no other option, please contact us and we will try to assist.

Refund Policy. 

Your satisfaction is extremely important to us. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the course, you can contact us for a refund on the following conditions.

  1. The cancellation is within 7 days of the enrolment date.
  2. You have not completed more than 2 modules of the course.

You will receive a full refund within 5 business days from the approval of your cancellation request. There might be, depending on your bank, a few more extra days before the refund will reflect in your bank account.

To make a request for a refund, submit a written request to


The course material is in English and it is your responsibility to ensure you have the level of English fluency necessary to complete the course.

SAMSA Examination.

  1. On the completion of this course you will have the right to sit for the SAMSA exam either the Online Exam, if and when available, or with a registered SAMSA examiner, affiliated to Skipper Courses Online. Affiliated SAMSA examiners are published on our website.
  2. A fee, which includes the SAMSA fee, will be payable to the examiner. Examiners set their own fees and Skipper Courses Online has no control over it.
  3. Fees must be paid directly to the examiner which only becomes due when booking for  the SAMSA exam.
  4. Examiners will specify the documents required for issuing the license.
  5. The examiner will issue you with an interim skipper license, valid for 6 months, and submit all your documentation to SAMSA. SAMSA will issue you with the permanent license in the 6 month period.
  6. Although Skipper Courses Online vet examiners with which it associates, examiners are independent from Skipper Courses Online and as such, Skipper Courses Online, has no control over their conduct or actions and cannot be held responsible for the examiner’s actions and/or conduct.
  7. Should you have any complaints about the conduct or actions of a SAMSA examiner, you have the right to contact SAMSA directly and lay a complaint. Their full contact details are available at


  1. You are using the online course under a limited license which allows you access to this material for your own learning purposes.
  2. You may not duplicate, resell, transfer, or alter and reuse this material for any other purpose. This also applies to materials printed from the online course.
  3. You may not transfer your login to another person, whether for free or for sale, rent, or trade. The Skipper Course Certificate will be issued in the name of the student who initially enrolled for the course.
  4. Should it be found that you or any person assisting you, have changed the Certificate of Completion in any way, Skipper Courses Online will notify the examiners who will have the right to refuse to process your application. Skipper Courses Online will have the right to advise SAMSA of any fraudulent activities which may lead to a refusal from SAMSA to issue a license.
  5. If the online tutor suspects the course or any of the course’s activities are being completed by a person other than the student who registered for the course, the course may be terminated without any refund.
  6. This material remains the property of Skipper Courses Online, and may not be reproduced or adapted for any reason.
  7. You may not remove or change the branding or copyright of this course.
  8. Skipper Courses Online aims to make sure you can access the course 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From time-to-time the system might be unavailable for a few minutes for updates and maintenance. If unexpected interruptions in service occur and interfere with your ability to complete the course, please contact Skipper Courses Online.
  9. By using the online course, you affirm that all information you have provided is accurate.
  10. You are responsible for all access to your account and all activities that take place on it.