Currently on the website:

  1. You can enroll for the online skipper course, categories R (Inland water ) and E (Sea 1nm from the coast). This covers boats and jet skis. Read more…..
  2. Buy an Online Skipper Course Gift Card.  Click  here for more info
  3. Get legal information on skipper licenses, vessel licensing (COF), buoyancy and the laws on VHF radios. All important for people wishing to cruise on South African waters. See the menu item Legal Requirements above.

In the next few weeks we will launch: 

  1. Shop online for accessories for boats. Exiting discounts with the launching of the shop!
  2. A classified section where cruisers can buy and sell items. 
  3. An accommodation section where boaters can find boat friendly resorts. We will list the boat facilities (launching, boat washing, etc) and guests will be able to rate and comment on the resort. This will allow boaters to make an informed decision when planning their next boating holiday.
  4. Angling competitions, etc,etc…

Feel free to surf the website and please let us know if there is anything we can help with or information  you wish to be added.

Watch the space….!